Donald Trump’s Truth Social Propels Conservatives’ Reach Past Twitter in Few Short Weeks

Donald Trump's Truth Social Propels Conservatives' Reach Past Twitter in Few Short Weeks

( – Former President Donald Trump’s new social media platform Truth Social officially debuted on February 21. The app reached number 10 in the Apple Store in the social media category in no time, and as of March 6, the site’s daily visitor count reached 300,000, putting it on a par with Gettr and closing in on Gab. Additionally, a new report indicates Truth Social is already propelling the engagement of leading conservatives above and beyond Twitter.

Conservative political commentator and radio show host Dan Bongino managed to attract roughly 250,000 followers so far on Truth Social. He has about 10 times that many followers on Twitter (he started using the platform in January 2011). Yet, his engagement levels on Truth Social dwarf those he receives when he tweets the same content.

For example, Bongino posted a link to a recent podcast on both platforms on March 10. Within about 7 hours, his tweet received nearly 600 likes and almost 200 retweets. However, Bongino’s truth (post) received more than 1,500 likes and about 500 re-truths during the same time frame.

Bongino recently spoke with conservative media site Just the News about his interaction with other users on Truth Social. He related that the platform’s “engagement [level] is extraordinary.” He also said, as a result, traffic to his Rumble account and his podcast “is off the chart.”

Other conservatives like House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) reported having a similar experience with levels of engagement with users on Truth Social, dwarfing interactions using their Twitter accounts.

What about you? Are you on Truth Social yet?

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