Donald Trump Storms out of Press Briefing After Reporters Try to Disrupt Event

Donald Trump Storms out of Press Briefing After Reporters Try to Disrupt Event

( – President Donald Trump disregarded CNN taunts as the sensationalism they are after they disrupted another one of his press conferences.

A video of the July 28 White House news conference shows Liberal CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins trying to disrupt the event. President Donald Trump promptly ends the briefing and storms out of the room. He REFUSED to take the abuse from the media any longer.

Trump’s decision comes as CNN reporters desperately try to slander President Trump ahead of the 2020 election.

Trump Storms Out

On Tuesday, President Trump held a press conference and gave a COVID-19 update. The commander-in-chief discussed how his administration is responding, where supplies are going, and how they’re tracking the virus. Instead of ending when he was finished relaying the important information, he took questions.

That’s where it all went wrong.

Instead of asking about important issues, the Liberal press pool tried “gotcha” questions. Collins was especially disruptive and Trump showed her he wasn’t going to take her abuse. She started asking about why he shared a video from a doctor who spoke on the steps of Capitol Hill this week. The CNN reporter tried to back the president into a corner because that physician believes things others may not.

The president explained the doctor in the viral video made some good points, but he doesn’t personally know her then he tried to move on. Collins started shouting over him and Trump put a stop to it.

This is what press conferences have been like for nearly four years. Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer took a tremendous amount of abuse from the Liberals in the media, so did Sarah Huckabee. President Trump seems like he is over it and not willing to be their punching bag any longer.

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