Donald Trump Now Beats Kamala Harris In Polling Matchup For President

Donald Trump Now Beats Kamala Harris In Polling Matchup For President

( – Pollsters would have you believe they are the be-all-end-all predictors of future events. They get things right — until they don’t. Nate Silver is a perfect example of this situation in action. He successfully predicted elections for years.

In 2009, Time named him one of the world’s most influential people after predicting the outcome of all but one state in the 2008 presidential election. Then, 2016 hit, and he got it all wrong. He blamed “conventional wisdom” and not polls. But that’s a different story. The point is that polls aren’t always accurate, but you can still learn something from them about the winds of change.

For instance, a recent poll found nearly two-thirds of Americans expect Vice President Kamala Harris to take over as president before President Joe Biden completes his current four-year term.

That same McLaughlin & Associates poll showed her losing to former President Donald Trump by four percentage points in a head-to-head match for president in 2024. Conventional wisdom puts much of the blame on her failure to address the mounting border crisis in her capacity as Biden’s immigration and border security czar. That might explain her recent rush to the border.

Her recent failures during her trip to Guatemala and Mexico City didn’t earn her any points. Even progressives expressed outrage when she told prospective immigrants not to come to the border.

That being said, there’s not necessarily a lot for conservatives to learn from that poll. They already know Harris is unpopular.

However, perhaps Harris can learn a thing or two, step up her game, and secure the nation’s southern border. It’s not like it gave Trump any difficulty. Just saying.

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