Donald Trump Defends Country Singer’s New Controversial Song

( – In May, country singer Jason Aldean released “Try That in a Small Town,” a song about the sense of community that holds small-town America together and protects it from the social disintegration that’s tearing our cities apart. Liberals are predictably outraged at the song. Now Aldean has a new defender — former president Donald Trump.

Jason Aldean, a 46-year-old from Macon, Georgia, has been a big name on the country music scene for 18 years. As well as a musician, he’s also a businessman — he owns three restaurants — and a philanthropist who’s raised millions of dollars for cancer research. In 2017 he survived the Las Vegas mass shooting that killed 60 people.

Aldean is no out-of-touch celebrity; he knows how ordinary Americans live. So, when he released “Try That in a Small Town,” it struck a chord with millions of people. The song has done well commercially, reaching #19 on the Billboard chart and #1 on the iTunes chart, but it’s also attracted fury from the Left, who claim it’s racist.

Aldean has hit back against liberal attacks, pointing out the song doesn’t even mention race and calling criticisms of it “not only meritless but dangerous.”

Now Trump has come to his defense. On July 20, the former president sent a message on his Truth Social app, calling Aldean “a fantastic guy who just came out with a great new song” and calling on his followers to “Support Jason all the way. MAGA!!!” His son, Donald Trump Jr, has also backed Aldean; on July 19, he slammed CMT for taking the song out of circulation, asking, “How on earth is this video controversial?” and urging people to watch and download the song.

Country music is often aligned with traditional American values, and performers and fans lean more conservative than some other genres. Aldean has publicly supported Trump in the past. Now Trump is returning the favor.

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