Dominion CEO Admits Some Machines Can Connect to the Internet

Dominion CEO Admits Some Machines Can Connect to the Internet

( – As if it isn’t bad enough that a security audit just found out that Dominion’s voting machines were allegedly designed to skew election results, the head of the company has just admitted that some of them can connect to the internet, too. What could possibly go wrong?

Dominion CEO John Poulos appeared before a Michigan State Senate hearing on December 15 to answer questions about his company’s machines, following a report released Sunday that found they were allegedly deliberately built to influence elections.

During the hearing, Poulos was forced to confess that the machines also have internet connection hardware – and some of them were online during the counting process. That means anyone who could access the machines could potentially alter the data on them, and Dominion probably knows how to access their own hardware.

Senators heard evidence from several election workers that Dominion machines were connected to PCs that, in turn, were connected to the internet. Poulos tried to downplay this, saying that a small number were briefly connected to send results to central counting locations. Still, many of his answers seemed vague, evasive or even misleading.

For example, he claimed the machines used in Michigan didn’t have Ethernet access (the standard connection used to link PCs to each other and internet routers) but said they do have RJ45 connectors. There’s only one thing that plugs into an RJ45 connector on a computer – an Ethernet cable. What other secrets is Dominion hiding?

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