DOJ Uses Questionable Judgement With Funds

DOJ Uses Poor Judgement With Funding

( – The Department of Justice (DOJ) is facing some major blowback over its recent allocation of $1 million to a handful of anti-human trafficking groups.

The controversy sparked over a whistleblower complaint that the funding didn’t go to specific organizations ranked higher on the DOJ’s list. Initially, the funds were to be split between the Catholic Charities of the Diocese from Palm Beach and Chicanos Por La Causa from Phoenix. An exclusive Reuters report showed leaked memos allegedly verifying that these highly-recommended organizations were overlooked.

Instead, $549,345 was given to the Lincoln Tubman Foundation, a reportedly strict Christian-based organization, over the course of three years. It was rated lower due to having “little to no experience.”

The other allotment of $530,190 over three years went to another, more colorful, organization called Hookers for Jesus. Hookers for Jesus is a Christian-oriented safe house for sex-trafficking victims and was founded by a woman who escaped that very same industry.

After the news broke, #HookersForJesus trended on Twitter as liberals were outraged over the organization’s newfound funding by the DOJ.

What do you think about the DOJ’s funding decision in the fight against human trafficking?

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