DOJ Sets Execution Dates For Four

DOJ Sets Execution Dates For Four

( – There hasn’t been a federal execution in the US for nearly 20 years. That’s about to change. The law and order administration is going to allow justice to take its course.

On June 15, US Attorney General William Barr announced the first federal executions since 2003 will take place. Four men are going to meet their fate. In a statement, Barr said the country needs to “carry forward the sentence imposed” because we owe the “victims of these horrific crimes.”

Three of the men will be executed in July and one in August. The men were all sent to death row after being found guilty of especially heinous murders.

  • Keith Dwayne Nelson kidnapped, assaulted intimately, and strangled a 10-year-old girl. He will face execution on August 28.
  • Dustin Lee Honken shot and killed five people, including two children. His execution will take place on July 17.
  • Daniel Lewis Lee, a white supremacist, killed three people, including a child. Barr scheduled his execution for July 13.
  • Wesley Ira Purkey assaulted and killed a 16-year-old girl. He murdered an 80-year-old as well and kidnapped a child leading to that child’s death. His execution is set for July 15.

The AG said all of the men have run out of appeals. The executions will take place at the US prison in Terre Haute, Indiana and the government expects more to take place in the future. It looks like families are finally going to see justice served after far too many years.

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