DOJ Probe Requested in Missouri 2A Case

DOJ Probe Requested in Missouri 2A Case

( – The St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office is in hot water for the way two residents who protected their home from trespassers are being treated. Mark and Patricia McCloskey were videotaped standing on their lawn with guns after Black Lives Matter protesters entered a private street. The incident led to authorities seizing the couple’s weapons. Now, a Republican senator wants answers.

On July 16, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) sent a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr asking the DOJ to launch a federal civil rights probe against St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s investigation into the couple. The Republican lawmaker said the actions taken against the McCloskeys are an “unacceptable abuse of power and a threat to the Second Amendment” of the Constitution.

The senator isn’t the only public official to condemn the treatment of the McCloskeys. Earlier this week, Governor Mike Parson (R) also defended the couple and said they had every right to protect their home.

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