DOJ Names 48 SUSPECTS — Charges Confirmed!

DOJ Names 48 Suspects in Possible Fraud

DOJ Names 48 Suspects in Possible Fraud

( – Aimee Bock founded Feeding Our Future in November 2016, reportedly to help Minnesota children and seniors increase their access to healthy food through the USDA’s Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). A Google search indicates the organization’s physical address is permanently closed, and the group’s website disabled the page providing information about its background. Perhaps that has something to do with a recent Justice Department announcement accusing Bock and dozens of other individuals of committing fraud.

On Tuesday, September 20, the Justice Department issued a press release announcing federal charges against Bock and 46 other defendants for their alleged roles in the country’s largest COVID-19 pandemic relief fraud scheme to date. In addition, Minneapolis NBC affiliate KARE-11 reported that federal prosecutors charged another suspect later that day, bringing the total defendant count to 48.

Prosecutors accused the defendants of fraudulently obtaining $250 million in CACFP funds to provide 125 million meals for underserved children — meals that reportedly were never prepared or distributed. They allegedly used over 250 Federal Child Nutrition Program sites throughout Minnesota to pull off their ruse, sites they themselves “opened” during the pandemic.

Court documents lay out multiple criminal charges related to the scheme, including bribery, conspiracy, money laundering, and wire fraud. The defendants allegedly laundered the money using a series of shell companies. Prosecutors say they used the ill-gotten cash to pay for luxury items like electronics, jewelry, commercial property in the US, and coastal homes overseas.

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