DOJ May Have To Turn Over “Smoking Gun” Documents Related To Targeting Trump

DOJ May Have To Turn Over

DOJ “Smoking Gun” BOMBSHELL – This Could Change Everything!

( – Following Monday’s controversial FBI raid on the home of former President Donald Trump, the Justice Department is now under pressure to release its “smoking gun” documents about the bungled Russia collusion probe. The papers were declassified during the Trump Administration, but the DOJ has never actually released them. Now, a legal watchdog group wants to force its hand.

Before President Trump left office, he declassified a collection of FBI documents related to the witchhunt into his alleged collusion with Russia, and ordered their release. They contain details of how the agency spied on his election campaign, and covered up flaws in its investigation. Ultimately, the probe found no evidence of collusion.

On August 1, Judicial Watch, a conservative monitoring group that investigates misconduct by government officials, filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the DOJ, demanding the release of the documents. The organization’s president, Tom Fitton, said the legacy of spying on Trump by the deep state is “the worst government corruption scandal in American history” — and he wants the American people to know the details.

The lawsuit calls on the DOJ to search for the documents, produce all the non-exempt papers and pay Judicial Watch’s legal fees. Will the department comply, or try to keep stalling?

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