Does Biden Have a Mandate?

Does Biden Have a Mandate?

( – Throughout the 2020 general election, then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said America was broken and in need of healing. He argued he was the candidate to do it. By the slimmest of margins, it appears Biden may have defeated President Donald Trump and is widely acknowledged by Democrats as the president-elect — even though all the votes have not been certified and several court cases are still pending. The former vice president ran on several progressive issues, and Democrats who helped him are counting on his support.

However, does Biden have a mandate from voters to help them?

Biden has been involved with Washington politics for nearly 50 years. Unlike many of his years as a senator, he could be facing a similar predicament the Obama/Biden administration did just a few years ago — a log jammed Congress unable to do much of anything.

Democrats Reeling After Heavy Losses

While Biden might have defeated President Trump to be the 46th President of the United States, he didn’t help down-ballot Democrats. They are reeling from losses they feel they should have won, and now House Democrats hold the smallest majority in a century. Progressive policies like defunding the police, the Green New Deal, and socialism talk in their ranks hurt the re-election bid of several moderate Democrats who lost to more conservative Republicans.

In the Senate, two Georgia runoff elections favor the Republican candidates. However, the GOP only needs to hold one of the two seats to maintain the Senate’s majority. If Republicans hold the Senate, they can, and likely will, make things more difficult for Biden.

The challenge for Biden and House Democrats is that political parties in power tend to overstep any mandates voters may have given them. However, in this case, it appears the only mandate by the slim majority of voters was to remove Trump based on his personality and character flaws, not necessarily policies. Based on the outcome of House elections, the country doesn’t seem to approve of far-left policies.

The question is, will Biden cave to the far-left who helped him win elections and endorse an agenda that goes too far?

Voters Don’t Like Extremes

Over and over again, voters have proven to not approve of extremes. When political parties overstep a mandate, however small or large it originally was, they end up in trouble with voters who become alienated from those they put in power.

In the next election, those voters who feel estranged could shift power to the GOP in the next election, and perhaps beyond. This happened in 2010 after President Obama and a united Democratic-run Congress swept through Obamacare without a single Republican vote. For eight years, Republicans dominated the Congress until they lost the house in 2018 under Trump.

Will Democrats Misread the 2020 Election?

Based on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) recent interpretation of the election, Democrats could be in trouble. She said Democrats have a “tremendous mandate… a bigger mandate than John F. Kennedy when I was in school, and a bigger mandate than others.”

How she arrived at that viewpoint is anyone’s guess.

However, she’s hardly alone. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and the “Squad,” along with socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), all agree they can push Biden further to the left.

Biden May Push Back

However, the president-elect may push back against the far-left despite their election support. In the last number of days, he has signaled he will appoint a camaraderie of former Obama era appointees to his cabinet. That’s infuriating the far-left.

Biden likely realizes he has a divided Congress, making it difficult to accomplish big things through legislation. If he uses executive orders to essentially write the law, he risks them being overturned in federal courts now largely appointed by Republicans.

Biden’s mandate is clearly not the far-left agenda.

However, does Biden believe that, or will he go along with them?

If he goes too far-left, he could break his promise to heal America and could fracture it even more.

We will find out soon enough.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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