Documents Show George Soros Operatives Secretly Working With Biden

Documents Show George Soros Operatives Secretly Working With Biden

Soros Behind HIDDEN DOCUMENTS Found – Shaping Biden’s Policies

( – After Joe Biden secured enough votes to ensure he would be the Democratic nominee for president in 2020, the eventual president embraced the far-Left. While he maintained he was moderate, the Biden campaign worked with Democratic Socialists and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to create the Democratic platform, leading to the most liberal agenda in the country’s history. However, what if there’s more to the story? What if the collaboration is deeper than just Joe Biden and far-left politicians in the Democratic Party?

George Soros is a far-left billionaire who helps bankroll the Democratic machine to untold sums of money. The money isn’t just used to help get far-left Democrats elected; Soros wants to influence government policies. On Tuesday, April 26, Fox News reported that Soros-funded groups are working behind the scenes with the Biden administration to create radical policies.

Soros-Bought Group Helps Biden Administration Write Radical Policies

Who is George Soros? Hungarian-born, he earned his billions as an investor and shrewd businessman. Soros is one of the world’s most prominent philanthropists, but he doesn’t give to just any cause. He’s created his own foundations to spread his political views. Among them is the Open Society Foundations.

In 2004, Soros spent $25 million trying to defeat then-President George W. Bush. He contributes untold millions of dollars to groups that want the world to break diplomatic relations with Israel. In 2017, the billionaire said national borders were an obstacle to protecting refugees. In 2020, he helped finance the election of far-left state attorneys general and district attorneys who would turn their backs on criminals, which some believe contributed to the new crime wave in Democratic-led cities.

Now, Fox News has uncovered that Soros has backed a secretive group through the Open Society Foundations with millions of dollars to help the Biden administration shape far-left policies. Governing for Impact (GFI) bragged in an internal memo obtained by Fox News that it’s executing over 20 regulatory agenda items that would reverse numerous Trump policies. The group is helping federal agencies reverse Trump’s deregulations in education, environmental, health care, housing, and labor rules.

Here’s the catch… GFI is a dark money organization. If it weren’t for the Capital Research Center’s diligence in uncovering the dark money group and tipping off Fox News, few would have known anything about GFI and its plan to shape Biden’s domestic policies.

Who Is Governing for Impact (GFI)?

GFI is a highly secretive organization. A quick Google search will reveal almost nothing about it and it’s invisible to search engines. There are no mentions of the organization on news websites, press releases, or anywhere for that matter.

Still, while GFI tried to remain in the shadows, Fox News said it advertised on Harvard Law School’s website for job openings for legal policy internships. Fox added that the ad said the group was looking for people to help prepare the Biden administration for transformative governance — words that Biden has used numerous times.

A glance at its website reveals that GFI is an organization seeking to build progressive power in state and federal governments by empowering advocates and government officials. Yet, how should government officials be empowered? Are they referring to the bureaucrats in the administrative state? Regardless, the group highlighted how it’s fighting deregulations, fixing healthcare from the Left’s view, and canceling student loan debt.

Beyond that, GFI’s website details numerous legal strategies and how it helps shape Biden’s executive orders.

So, who’s really running the government?

Is it President Biden? Or is it George Soros, through dark money organizations, that directly influence the administration?

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