Doctors Issue Warning to Parents Amid Tylenol Shortage

Doctors Issue Warning to Parents Amid Tylenol Shortage

( – Americans are suffering the ravages of a nationwide shortage of children’s medications like Tylenol as the country heads into to flu and cold season, forcing some parents to seek alternatives. However, several doctors of pharmacy (PharmD) recently issued a warning to seek professional guidance before giving adult meds to kids.

On December 12, independent television station WJXT published an article detailing Dr. Jay L. Schauben’s advice for parents on the shortage of children’s medication. Dr. Schauben, PharmD, is well-versed in the potential dangers as the division director of the Florida Poison Center and Surveillance Services at the Florida/US Virgin Islands Poison Information Center in Jacksonville.

Director Schauben warned parents not to modify adult doses for children, calling it a “hazardous maneuver.” He explained pharmacists and doctors dose infants and children differently than grown-ups. As a result, adults run the risk of overdosing or underdosing them by “cutting tablets in half.” Instead, parents should ask their pharmacists or physicians for alternative brands or medications they can safely give their infant or child.

Canadian pharmacist Barry Power, PharmD, offered similar advice in a November article published by Global News. He expressed concern about the possibility of children accidentally overdosing. “It’s absolutely critical” to talk to a medical doctor or pharmacist to determine the proper dose instead of “cutting up tablets.”

Have you noticed any shortages of Children’s Tylenol at your local pharmacy or drugstore?

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