Doctor Unveils Possible “Cure” For Coronavirus – “I Have Good News…”

Doctor Unveils Possible “Cure” For Coronavirus - “I Have Good News...”

( – In an explosive interview on the show “America, Can We Talk,” a medical doctor named Richard Bartlett from Texas claims that he has discovered a new treatment that can potentially be the “Silver Bullet” in the fight against coronavirus. 

According to him, when patients are given his treatment, “Their chest pain goes away. Their shortness of breath goes away. Their fever breaks.”

“I Have Good News”

During the interview, Dr. Bartlett discussed a possible cure for COVID-19. He’s not just any medical expert, he’s been treating emergency room patients for 28 years. According to the doctor, he’s been treating high-risk coronavirus patients with a drug called budesonide. It’s an inhalable steroid that’s commonly used to treat people who have asthma.

Bartlett, who once served on a healthcare task force headed by then-Governor Rick Perry (R-TX), said he has “good news.” Patients have told him they “feel better” and “their chest pain” and shortness of breath go away after receiving the drug.

Keeping Hope Alive

There aren’t any peer-reviewed studies on the effectiveness of using budesonide on COVID patients just yet. It’s just one doctor who has been treating critically ill patients discussing what he has personally experienced.

However, the doctor certainly does give us hope that a cure may be found one day. And if we don’t have hope, what do we have?

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