DNC Convention Committee In Chaos

DNC Convention Committee In Chaos

(RightWing.org) – Milwaukee is set to host approximately 50,000 people during the massive DNC convention from July 13-16 this year. However, a big wrench has been thrown into the planning for this event with a recent shakeup in the city’s DNC host committee leadership.

Liz Gilbert, former president, and Adam Alonso, former chief of staff, have been removed for allegations of overseeing a “toxic” workplace.

According to an unsigned letter included as part of a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report, the host committee’s board will now take over all decision making until further notice. Alonso was accused of bullying and intimidating staff members, especially women. The result was a work environment that almost exclusively catered to males, and his behavior was actively enabled by Gilbert.

Gilbert also discouraged staff members from presenting honest feedback on the committee’s projects.

DNC officials and local Milwaukee leaders must now work together to put everything back on track. According to Tim Sheehy, president of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, they will need to “…put in place the leadership that is going to be needed to bring this to the finish line.”

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