DNC Candidate Thinks Better of Tweet

Marianne Williamson, the wacky new-age spiritual leader of the DNC presidential candidates, had a brief moment of clarity after posting an utterly ridiculous tweet. She believes that Hurricane Dorian turned away from America due to the “power of the mind” through prayer and meditation. If the power of the mind can turn away a category 5 storm, then maybe she can put that power to use somewhere more productive.

Williamson apparently had a moment of self-reflection before deleting the nonsensical, yet harmless, message. She deleted the tweet and sent a new one praying for those affected by Dorian and asking God to comfort them through the storm.

There’s no doubt Willamson means well even though she’s easily the weirdest of the DNC primary bunch. With that said, it’s hilarious that she’s even allowed to contend in the presidential race to begin with. Willamson doesn’t stand a chance at winning in 2020, but that doesn’t take away from her entertainment value.

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