DNC Candidate Says US “Needs 11 Million Illegals”

DNC Candidate Says US

(RightWing.org) – Former South Bend mayor and presidential wannabe, Pete Buttigieg, cranked up the open borders rhetoric Saturday, telling a Des Moines, IA, audience that the US economy needs millions of illegal immigrants to function. According to Buttigieg, the solution to illegal immigration is to change the system so they can come in legally instead. That might not be the sort of solution most Americans were hoping for.

When an audience member asked Buttigieg if he thought illegal immigration was a problem, his reply was that illegals aren’t the problem; it’s the law. “We have a system that wasn’t actually set up to have that many people come in lawfully, “ he said. “The reason there’s [sic] 11 million undocumented folks here is that the economy needed 11 million more people than the system was prepared to let in.”

Buttigieg’s answer to the millions of people who’re already living illegally in the US? Make them citizens. “We can’t have comprehensive immigration reform that works unless it addresses the status for those 11 some million undocumented immigrants,” he said.

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