Disturbing Educational Material to Indoctrinate Your Children

Disturbing Educational Material to Indoctrinate Your Children

(RightWing.org) – An online library of teaching materials has revealed what our children are learning in schools – and it’s not a pretty picture. Kids as young as pre-K are being indoctrinated with far-left racial propaganda.

On June 28, media reported that a website used by 85% of US schoolteachers is awash in woke ideology, including Critical Race Theory, and offers ready-made lesson plans to indoctrinate children with the controversial dogma. TeachersPayTeachers.com is a site that lets teachers share or sell lesson plans and other teaching materials, and it seems many of them are using it to promote extreme political views.

One shocking example, a two-week pre-K module called “Social Justice and Racial Equality Unit in Kindergarten,” tells teachers to pair off children to discuss each other’s skin color. The goal is to teach them to be “race-conscious” – as if we need any more of that in our race-obsessed society. The same module includes a gender lesson called “Pink is for Boys.”

Guidance for teachers includes a plan called “the Woke Classroom,” which discusses gender pronouns, creating a “safe space” and similar methods for turning children into being insecure and confused. The results of teaching this sort of nonsense to college students have been horrifying enough; if teachers also indoctrinate pre-K kids, how bad will that be?

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