Disney Sees Disastrous Numbers After Going Woke

Disney Sees Disastrous Numbers After Going Woke

Disney FINALLY Learns Their Fate

(RightWing.org) – The Walt Disney Company appears to be the latest corporation to find out the hard way that “go woke, go broke” isn’t just something people say on the internet. In March, Disney decided to interfere in Florida politics over the state’s Parental Rights in Education bill. Now it’s facing a backlash from furious parents — and it’s already taken a big financial hit.

Until early March, Disney had stayed out of the debate over Florida’s move to give parents more rights over what their children are taught in public schools. However, after pressure from LGBT activists on the company payroll, CEO Bob Chapek apologized for the company’s silence and promised to be an “outspoken champion” for the woke agenda. He went on to say Disney would fund campaigns against similar legislation.

What Disney didn’t allow for is that, while woke activists hate the Parental Rights in Education Act, it’s pretty popular with the people whose rights it protects — parents. And, for a company whose target market is mostly kids, it turns out that annoying parents isn’t a great business move.

Since Chapek lined Disney up against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), the company’s share price has fallen by 23.5%, and its market capitalization has suffered a disastrous $62.6-billion loss. DeSantis also moved against Disney by revoking the company’s right to govern its Florida land, but the collapse in its share price is a much bigger blow. Can Disney rescue itself from this self-inflicted injury — and will other corporations learn a lesson?

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