Disney Exec. Publicly Slams Governor Newsom COVID-19 Orders

Disney Exec. Publicly Slams Governor Newsom COVID-19 Orders

(RightWing.org) – Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock and other park executives blasted California’s “arbitrary” and “unworkable” reopening guidelines. If advanced, the state’s latest policies could impact thousands of workers.

Potrock issued an official statement on October 20 detailing his various grievances against Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom’s repressive COVID-19 policies. According to Potrock, those policies could force thousands of Disney employees out of work, close local family-owned businesses, and cause “irreparable” harm to the local economy.

Potrock followed up the next day with an appearance at a press conference organized by California’s Attractions and Parks Association. He blasted California officials for their “Here’s the rules… live with it” attitude. Asked about the possibility of legal action, Potrock replied, “all options” were on the table.

Disney employees already suffered grievous harm from California’s COVID-19 response. Disney Parks Chair Josh D’Amaro issued a statement in late September advising the state’s policy would adversely impact about 28,000 employees.

Perhaps it’s time for Newsom and other Democratic Governors to back off on their arbitrary reopening procedures. As President Trump stated during the final presidential debate, the cure for the COVID-19 pandemic shouldn’t be worse than the disease.

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