Digital Political Ad Policies in Chaos

Digital Political Ad Policies in Chaos

Online advertisements are the billboards of the 21st century. This fact means that political messaging spreads extremely quickly in the digital age. However, in light of the 2020 election, tech giants have come under scrutiny for the curation of political content allowed on their sites.

Twitter has decided not to run political ads at all.

Google has already taken steps to limit the reach of political ads displayed through its services. Among other changes, it’s said that advertisers won’t be able to microtarget groups of people to show them specific ads.

Now, everyone’s expecting Facebook to make changes to its ad policies to follow suit. However, it seems that the social media giant doesn’t share Google’s level of commitment to creating a more politically unbiased internet experience, at least not yet.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has publicly stated that Facebook will continue to run political ads regardless of factual accuracy with no restrictions on who gets to see what ads. He justifies this policy on the basis of promoting free speech, but his website has a bad track record of allowing the spread of political misinformation. However, he also stated that they are currently discussing potential changes to advertising policies.

So far, there’s no final ruling on Facebook’s political advertisement guidelines.

What do you think Facebook will do in regards to their political advertisement policies going into 2020? Let us know in the comments!

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