Digital Equity Planning Will Cost $300 Million in Taxpayer Money

Digital Equity Planning Will Cost $300 Million in Taxpayer Money

Biden’s Latest “Equity” Demand Will Cost 300 Million

( – Ordinary Americans are being hammered by runaway inflation, but that isn’t slowing the Biden administration down. The White House has come up with a new way to waste our money. This time, it’s hundreds of millions of dollars for “digital equity” planning.

In May, the Commerce Department slipped out a new grants notice, informing state governments they’re eligible to apply for grants to help them develop “digital equity plans.” Digital equity is a new left-wing obsession. They’ve decided that not everyone has the “information technology capacity” required for “full participation in the society and economy of the United States” — so they’re planning a new spending splurge to provide that capacity.

It isn’t hard to get online in the US — anyone with a cell phone can do it — but according to the administration, that’s not good enough. They believe there’s a “digital divide” between those who have the skills and equipment to use the full power of the internet and those who don’t. Now, they want states to create plans to bridge that divide.

It’s now emerged that there’s $300 million available for these grants — but they won’t actually deliver “digital equity” for anyone. This money is just for planning. So, with gas prices hitting new record highs every day and the cost of food rising fast, the Biden administration wants to spend another $300 million on reports that won’t help anyone. Is this really what we want our money used for?

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