Did Trump Set A Trap For Democrats On Election Night?

Did Trump Set A Trap For Democrats On Election Night?

(RightWing.org) – Some politicians look at the short term while others look at the bigger picture, employing complex strategies in the winner-take-all reality of elections. Right-leaning political news website American Thinker published an intriguing article discussing the possibility President Donald Trump set a trap for Democrats during the November 3 general elections.

The November 29 article discussed the fact the president knew all along that Democrats would try to prevent his re-election through election fraud.

Continuing, American Thinker theorized the president knew Democrats would use the Dominion Voting system to achieve that goal. Supposedly, he decided not to interfere so Democrats would set themselves up for criminal prosecution.

As American Thinker explained, the post-election seizure of overseas computer systems by US officials supported its theory. Reportedly, operatives used those servers to commit voter fraud.

Additionally, days before the election, Democratic nominee Joe Biden appeared to give things away, telling Michigan voters he didn’t need their votes; he needed their support after he assumed office.

Trump campaign lawyers have several cases alleging voter fraud pending in the courts. Hopefully, the courts can get to the bottom of allegations surrounding Dominion before the Electoral College meets to certify the election on December 14.

Stay tuned!

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