Did the White House Partner With Group That Labeled Parents ‘Domestic Terrorists?’

Did the White House Partner With Group That Labeled Parents 'Domestic Terrorists?'

(RightWing.org) – Is it possible that President Joe Biden and his administration don’t see the presidency as being for all the people? In the fall of 2020 and on inauguration day in January, Biden said he would end the hostilities in America, stop the chaos, restore civility, and unite the country. Of course, what he didn’t say was that his party was the root of those things. In hindsight, it’s evident who the problem children were in Washington, DC, during former President Donald Trump’s tenure.

To make matters worse, during the 2020 presidential election campaign, Joe Biden promised he would not politicize the Justice Department. That broken promise was just one among many. It appears the Department of Justice (DOJ) under Attorney General Merrick Garland is bent on silencing Americans who disagree with the Left’s agenda. You see, the White House partnered with the Nationals School Boards Association (NSBA) and the DOJ to silence parents using direct evidence.

Parents Outraged

Last summer, parents across America rose up to protest school boards for adding Critical Race Theory (CRT) into curriculums. Students didn’t just share with their parents what they learned in school; they also shared what some school boards denied was in the curriculum. White students said teachers taught them they were oppressors, and resources were provided to teachers that recommended CRT.

Enraged parents started expressing themselves at school board meetings. Yes, some parents were outraged and made their views known to those who were supposed to represent them and the community as elected school board officials. Unfortunately, woke school boards and administrators thought they knew better than their community and worked to silence and ignore them.

Did the White House Partner With the Group That Labeled Parents “Domestic Terrorists?”

Instead of allowing local police to do their jobs to ensure civility, protect free speech, and uphold the law, Biden inserted himself into local issues where the federal government has no business or jurisdiction. How did he find a way to put the federal government in the middle of something it shouldn’t be anywhere near?

On October 12, NSBA president, Dr. Viola Garcia, issued a memo. In it, she suggested the White House ordered the Attorney General to insert the DOJ into the CRT school board controversy. How did Garcia know this? She was involved in discussions two weeks earlier with White House staff before the NSBA drafted its letter to the president, which labeled parents “domestic terrorists” and asked the administration for help. The NSBA has since apologized to its members for the poor choice of words in the letter and it has been taken off its website.

That’s not all… the memo also states the NSBA engaged with the DOJ, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Education, Surgeon General, and other agencies.

So, did the White House and NSBA collude with the result being DOJ issuing a directive against concerned parents? Did the government actively insert itself into a political issue to intimidate and silence parents’ First Amendment rights through the power of influence and intimidation?

You be the judge.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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