Did Teacher Unions, Teachers, and School Administrators Declare War On Parents?

Did Teacher Unions, Teachers, and School Administrators Declare War On Parents?

(RightWing.org) – It wasn’t too long ago that Americans heavily backed and supported their children’s teachers and schools. Parents often participated as members of the PTA, athletic boosters, homeroom parents, or band supporters. Over the last 20 years, cracks started to appear in teacher relationships with parents as schools slowly started implementing more left-wing measures. It was inevitable — it’s what teachers are exposed to and taught in college.

Yet, the pandemic finally changed parents’ relationships with many teachers and schools. It became woefully apparent that teachers and the teacher unions were indeed one and the same. School administrators are more willing to buck parents. In November, 2021, parents stood up and said enough in school board elections across America. Now, it appears that the teacher unions, teachers, and school administrators are declaring war on parents.

Out of Touch Teacher Unions, Teachers, and Schools Declare War On Parents

During the pandemic, parents saw and heard how teachers interacted with their kids for the first time. What many parents witnessed was unacceptable to them. Through the summer and fall, parents pushed back against Critical Race Theory (CRT) and other teachings not aligned with their morals and ethics.

In Virginia, education and CRT were critical issues for voters who cast ballots for Republicans all the way from governor down the ballot to school boards. Hundreds of school board elections and recalls also occurred across the country. Liberals say that the conservative victories will have a chilling impact on school boards.

Already, they are pushing back at conservative policies to end masking in schools and overhaul policies of diversity, equity, and inclusion – and return the classroom environment to one conducive to learning reading, writing, math, science, history, and civics.

On Thursday, February 3, teachers protested in a Denver-area school district against conservative school boards and organized a sick-out. It forced classes to cancel. Who did that benefit, and what did it solve? They collected over 22,000 signatures to recall the conservative board members just elected to reverse woke and pandemic policies. It may be possible that voters must stand up again and put the teachers and the union back in their place.

In Chicago, a judge issued a temporary restraining order over Illinois Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s school mask mandate. In response, a school rebelled and told students they must still wear masks regardless of the judge’s ruling. A group of high school kids took matters into their own hands and walked out of class on Monday, February 7.

Also, in San Francisco, voters will cast a ballot to consider a recall of three far-left school board members. Parents accuse them of extending school closures, enacting racial bias against Asian Americans, and pursuing a relentless social justice agenda at the expense of a quality education for all students. If this were a Republican school board, could you imagine the media chatter and talking points?

Should America Be Surprised?

For many parents, what’s happening may be a shock. For decades, Conservatives warned that schools were moving in this direction. Too many school boards raised taxes year after year. Communities largely ignored school districts and just paid the taxes with a light grumble. Yet, the quality of education continues to go down in America compared to many countries around the world.

Why is that?

Could it be that teacher unions and teachers see taxpayers as cash cows? Could it be that school administrators believe they are wiser and more intelligent than the communities they are supposed to be serving?

Here’s the sad truth about the state of education in America… it’s about politics. Terri Weingarten is the head of the American Federation of Teachers, which is America’s largest teacher union. She makes $500,000 per year, spends over $1.6 million on luxury hotels and travel amenities, and another $44 million in political spending — all to the Democratic Party. She is a member of the Democratic National Committee and a supporter of the far-left movement in America.

So, you decide where the teacher unions and teachers stand. The teachers support her and her far-left agenda, which is apparently out of touch with many parents.

So, should Conservatives and parents really be shocked that teacher unions, teachers, and school administrators are aligning against them?

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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