Did Republican Successes on Tuesday Expose How Democrats Misread the Public in 2020?

Did Republican Successes on Tuesday Expose How Democrats Misread the Public in 2020?

(RightWing.org) – Something is happening in much of America. On Tuesday, November 2, Democrats got hit with a hurricane. It wasn’t a small one either. It was a category five that wrought destruction and exposed the bare bones of the Democratic Party.

In Virginia, Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin defeated establishment Democrat and previous Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe. In New Jersey, the GOP gubernatorial candidate blew the socks off expectations and is running neck and neck with Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy — at the time of publication the race is still too close to call.

The question heading into Tuesday’s elections was, did Democrats and the media misread the 2020 election? Yes, for better or worse, Biden is president, and Trump is not. Yet, House Democrats lost sixteen seats in 2020, and GOP incumbents successfully defended all of their seats. That should have told the Left something. It didn’t, and in 2021 they pursued a reckless agenda from day one, leaving many Americans shell shocked at the rise of gasoline prices, empty store shelves, and an open attack against their values. The 2021 elections are saying something about the mood of America, but are Democrats listening?

Democrats Overplayed Their Hand

Tuesday’s elections were a repudiation of the Biden agenda. On Tuesday morning in Glasgow, Scotland, President Biden said he didn’t think that his job performance or agenda had an impact on the Virginia election. Biden might want to rethink his stance now that things don’t look good for Democrats in either gubernatorial election.

In 2020, Biden won Virginia by 10 points over former President Donald Trump on the backs of suburban and Independent voters. Democrats controlled statewide offices and the legislature. It appears that Democrats lost the governorship, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and the state legislature to the GOP in Virginia. That’s not an accident. It’s a referendum on the Democratic agenda that state officials enacted in alignment with the congressional Democrats.

The top issues for voters were the economy, education, taxes, and the pandemic – in that order.

Poll after poll over the last several months showed that Biden and congressional Democrats overplayed their hand with proposals that would fundamentally transform America. Many economists suggest that one of the causes of inflation was the massive $1.9 trillion partisan COVID relief bill passed in March. Now, they propose spending trillions more to remake America into a cradle-to-grave semi-socialist country.

America is not a progressive country. Only 25% of Americans say they are progressives. The rest are conservatives and moderates. Clearly, the Left overplayed its hand.

The Winning Formula Moving Forward

Republicans love Donald Trump. Independents soured on him in 2020, but they returned to the GOP in 2021. Additionally, suburban voters, especially women, returned to the Republican fold. The GOP candidates took a different strategy than Trump did in 2016 and 2020.

While running on America First policies, they didn’t verbally attack their opponents in a personal manner. Instead, they allowed Democrats to do it for them. McAuliffe tried to make Virginia about Trump, insurrection, and race. It didn’t work as Youngkin put on a happy warrior face, denounced Critical Race Theory in schools, and promised to improve economic conditions in Virginia by cutting grocery taxes and instituting other conservative economic principles.

Here’s the losing formula if you’re a Democrat:

  • Use race to define an opponent.
  • Call Republicans insurrectionists.
  • Deny Critical Race Theory exists in schools despite student and parent experiences.
  • Ignore the economic concerns of citizens.
  • Push for a cradle-to-grave welfare state.

So yes, to answer the question, Democrats overplayed their hand in Virginia, New Jersey, and in Congress and the White House. The roadmap now exists for how Republicans can take back the suburbs, expand the rural vote, and take back Congress in 2022.

Will Democrats double down and continue down their path? In Congress, they are vowing to press forward with their radical agenda. Some say the results prove they need to pass the bill to make voters happy. Will moderates agree with that assessment?

Time will tell, but the odds are they will find a way to excuse their losses.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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