Did Biden Just Win?

Did Biden Just Win?

(RightWing.org) – Joe Biden just took another swath of delegates for the third Super Tuesday in a row. With Florida at 100% counted, Arizona at 88%, and Illinois at 99%, it’s safe to report that Biden won by margins ranging from 12 to 39 points.

Is it time to call the DNC primary yet?

These victories put Biden at 1,180 delegates and Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) at just 884. One of them needs to obtain 1,991 delegates to secure the nomination. Even after Bernie’s admirable performance at the latest DNC debate, it doesn’t look like anything can swing the momentum in his favor.

While Bernie is considering the direction of his campaign, it seems that he’s unlikely to drop out. After all, anything COULD happen between now and the DNC convention. With the way things have been going, though, Bernie fans might want to let reality set in and accept that his chances of winning are slim to none.

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