DHS Terrorist Alert Targets Anyone Who Disagrees With Biden’s Policies

DHS Terrorist Alert Targets Anyone Who Disagrees With Biden's Policies

(RightWing.org) – George Orwell warned of the power of government-speak in his epic anti-utopian novel 1984. Unfortunately, in the real world, government manipulation of the masses using dog whistles and other coded messaging has become all too common. For example, a recent Department of Homeland Security (DHS) terrorist alert has some politicos concerned about its underlying meaning and purpose.

DHS officials released their so-called National Terrorism Advisory System summary on Monday, February 7. The one-paragraph notice looks benign enough at first glance. However, the official government warning carries some disturbing messaging underneath the surface.

For example, the threat notice harps on several alarming catchphrases like “conspiracy theories,” “misleading narratives,” and “threat actors.” Does anyone actually know what that means? “Not I,” said the fly.

As Summit News astutely pointed out, it appears that a “lack of trust in the Biden administration… represents a terrorist threat.”

Making matters worse, this terrorism threat summary isn’t a one-time thing for the administration. DHS has issued a total of five similarly concerning notices since Biden assumed office.

Information Liberation publisher and author Chris Menahan recently wrote that “[those] bulletins are pure political propaganda… designed to justify using terrorism laws.”

Perhaps now would be a good time for DHS to stop posting inane notices and start protecting Americans from tangible threats like the flood of illegal migrants, calls to defund the police, and the rise of Antifa.

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