DHS Issues a Warning to Leftist Mayor

DHS Issues a Warning to Leftist Mayor

(RightWing.org) – The nightly riots in Portland, OR, continue to plague the Democrat-run city. In fact, it has been under siege for nearly 100 days. Chad Wolf, the Acting Homeland Security Secretary, has now issued a warning to Mayor Ted Wheeler (D).

On Monday, August 31, Wolf sent a letter to Wheeler telling him to get the city under control. The acting secretary told the Democrat that his refusal to take action created “an environment that has fueled senseless violence.”

Wolf went on to say if Portland officials don’t take the steps necessary to “protect its citizens from violence” the federal government is going to have “no choice” but to step in and “protect our American citizens.”

Portland leaders have to step up and do their jobs. One day of rioting is bad enough, nearly 100 is downright ridiculous. How much longer should citizens have to put up with looting and vandalism before the city accepts federal help? It’s obvious they’re not able to handle it on their own. It’s well past time to bring in the feds.

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