Despite Democrats Claim, FBI Says Antifa is Real

Despite Democrats Claim, FBI Says Antifa is Real

( – In July, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) dismissed claims that violence in Portland, OR, was being carried out by Antifa. He said it was nothing more than a myth.

However, on Thursday morning, September 17, at a House Homeland Security Committee hearing, FBI Director Chris Wray contradicted Nadler’s narrative. He said Antifa is a very “real thing” and not a right-wing conspiracy.

The FBI Director explained that violent extremists often call themselves Antifa. It’s not an official organization that the government can track, but rather a movement and ideology. Wray further explained while it doesn’t have a formal structure, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Wray compared Antifa to Al-Qaeda sleeper cells. They are groups of people who collude, conspire, plan, communicate, and fundraise without a formal organization with leadership at the top. He said the domestic threat to the country isn’t because of any single, self-identified group. Instead, It’s individuals who self-radicalized online. That makes connecting the dots more challenging for law enforcement.

Protests and riots have occurred for more than 100 straight days in Portland. The streak came to an end on Wednesday evening when the local District Attorney announced charges against two protestors — and more charges are expected.

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