DeSantis Draws Contrast With Anti-Police Democrats

DeSantis Draws Contrast With Anti-Police Democrats

( – The Democrats’ anti-police movement has roots that go back to when Barack Obama was first president. In July 2009, the former president warmed up the embers when he schooled a Cambridge, Massachusetts, police officer without all the facts for arresting a black Harvard professor. In 2016, he did it again when he verbally went after officers in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Texas. Some questioned if Obama incited a riot when he suggested police racism was to blame for minority encounters with police.

Fast forward to 2020, rioters looted, destroyed, and created autonomous zones in Democratic-led cities over the summer. By fall, far-left Democrats called for either defunding or abolishing police departments, many times against the wishes of residents in minority communities. Thousands of police either left the force or sought out opportunities in communities where they felt wanted. In Florida, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is making a pitch for them to move to the Sunshine States.

DeSantis Announces New Initiative to Recruit Police from Defunded Communities

Some Democratic-led cities plagued by high crime left city leaders no choice but to put some diverted funds back into police budgets. It may be too little, too late. On Monday, November 29, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis took a completely different stance. Instead of cutting police, he announced a new initiative to recruit police officers from crime-plagued communities that don’t value them.

Florida values police – that’s the message the governor wants law enforcement to receive. It’s a clear contrast with Democratic governors and city leaders who treated police like disposable assets and left citizens to protect themselves.

So, how will DeSantis lure them to Florida and keep his current police force happy? The governor announced the following in a speech on Monday:

  • Increase the starting wage by 20% for entry-level state law enforcement officers
  • Increase veteran law enforcement salaries by 25%
  • Offer new recruits up to a $5,000 signing bonus
  • Provide up to $1,000 for necessary training programs for those relocating from out of state

Police Union Endorses DeSantis for Reelection

The popular Florida governor has made a point to police and the public that he has their back. In mid-November, the Florida Police Benevolent Association formally endorsed DeSantis for reelection in 2022. Association President John Kazanjian said that the governor continually displays his respect for the rule of law and those who uphold it.

From day one of his administration, DeSantis said he understood the risks of policing and that a police officer may not make it home on any given day. He promised to always to Back the Blue and stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

If the legislature approves the governor’s request in January, there may be more law enforcement officers for DeSantis to stand beside as they work to keep crime low and the state prosperous.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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