Dems Wary of Medicare For All

Dems Wary of Medicare For All

It seems that top Dems are finally waking up to the horrific reality of a “Medicare For All” world.

Although this realization is happening late in the DNC race, at least it’s happening at all. The primary worry of some top Dems, including Pelosi and Obama, is that of party division. They fear the alienation of their Liberal base in favor of dangerous far-Left ideologies.

The division stemming from the Medicare For All debate can’t be understated.

Still, even with Democrats downplaying the true dangers of a universal healthcare system, they’re slowly accepting the potential consequences. Candidates like Warren and Sanders push for an unrealistic goal of healthcare coverage that could ultimately destroy our healthcare system entirely. Those candidates, and many of their dedicated followers, will never have their minds changed no matter how much evidence you show them.

It’s best for Dems to leave those extremists behind and start giving credence to a more moderate stance. Thankfully, that finally seems to be happening.

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