Dems Sue To Reduce Voting Security

Dems Sue To Reduce Voting Security

( – The Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Wisconsin Democratic Party are taking legal action to “expand voter access” in the state’s primaries next month. It follows attempts by the state’s electoral commission to remove more than 200,000 people from the voter rolls unless they confirm their details. The Dems are trying to block these attempts. Right now, Wisconsin is a precariously balanced swing state; it looks like the Dems are trying to tip the scales in their favor.


Last week, the DNC and Wisconsin Democrats filed a lawsuit aimed at the state electoral commission demanding a series of measures they say will “expand voter access” – but they’ll also make voter fraud a lot easier.

  • The Dems want the state to extend the deadline for by-mail and electronic registration until April 3, just four days before the state primary. They haven’t explained how the coronavirus crisis is going to slow down electronic registration.
  • They also want to push back the deadline for receiving absentee ballots. As of right now, they’re due by 8 p.m. on election day. The lawsuit seeks a change from the ballots being due to instead being postmarked on election day. They’ll need to be received at municipal clerks’ offices no later than 10 days after that to be counted.
  • Worst of all, the Dems want to remove the requirement for any supporting documents. Right now, to register as a voter in Wisconsin you need to prove that you live in the state. To request an absentee ballot, you have to attach a copy of your photo ID. The lawsuit is calling for both these requirements to be axed.
  • With no need to prove the right to vote in Wisconsin – or even to prove that you’re who you say you are – the system is wide open to voter fraud.
  • There’s already an ongoing voter security battle in Wisconsin. Last October, the state electoral commission wrote to 234,000 voters it thinks have relocated, asking them to confirm their details within 30 days or risk being removed from the voter roll.
  • Last month, a state appeals court struck down the ruling approving the purge, following another Dem-driven lawsuit. Now, a conservative law firm is trying to overturn that decision.

It looks like the Democrats are running scared of Wisconsin’s voters and are trying desperately to pack the voters’ roll in their favor. The only question now is – will the courts let them do it?

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