Dems Still Gunning For Kavanaugh

Dems Still Gunning For Kavanaugh
Dems Still Gunning For Kavanaugh

It seems that the Democrat vendetta against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh didn’t end when his place on the court was confirmed by the Senate. Now that they control the House, they’re using their position to reopen the string of allegations and investigations that delayed his appointment. If they couldn’t stop him taking his seat, it seems they’re determined to kick him out of it as soon as possible.


A junior Democratic congressman recently announced that he’s planning to reopen the seemingly endless investigations that interfered with Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Rep. Joe Neguse (D, CO) is a freshman member of the House Judiciary Committee, which gives him the power to initiate investigations against senior government officials. Now he’s using that power to go after Kavanaugh, whose conservative views have generated unbelievable hysteria on the American left.

  • Neguse, who took office early this month, already has a long history of “progressive” politics despite only being 34. As a student, he set up New Era Colorado, which aimed to get young people involved in left-wing activism. In 2014, he ran for a state job, then succeeded Jared Polis as representative for Colorado’s 2nd District.
  • Appointed to the House Judiciary Committee shortly after taking his seat, Neguse has wasted no time in raking up the Kavanaugh mess. In an interview, he claimed there’s “no question” that Kavanaugh committed perjury during his confirmation hearings, and indicated that the committee is likely to investigate that.
  • Neguse didn’t specify exactly what Kavanaugh’s supposed to have lied about – but it’s easy to guess. During his selection process Kavanaugh faced an astonishing range of accusations, but most of these have been thoroughly discredited by now.
  • Instead, Neguse is chasing small details in the hopes he can prove Kavanaugh lied to the House during his hearings. If he can – or even create enough doubt to persuade Democratic congressmen to support him – he’d like to try for impeachment.
  • Successfully removing Kavanaugh would need a two-thirds majority of the House to vote for impeachment, and even with the Dems now in control that’s a big ask. It’s even bigger when the things Kavanaugh is being accused of lying about are when he heard about a magazine article and how much he drank when he was a student in the 1980s.
  • Unless some major new evidence is discovered – and keep in mind that the FBI have already investigated all this – the chances of a successful impeachment look slim. However, this shows just how determined some Democrats are to purge the government of conservatives and their ideas.