Dems Still Blocking Border Security

Democrats keep complaining about the situation on our southern border — but they won’t let the administration take the steps needed to solve the problem. Like it or not, if thousands of people are crossing our borders illegally we need to detain them, but the Left is endlessly complaining that detention centers exist.

For example, the notorious Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) shockingly compared the centers to Nazi concentration camps last week. Unfortunately, the Dems don’t want the US to secure its borders, and they don’t want to do anything about the consequences of that failure either.


President Trump made border security a big part of his platform as he ran for the White House, and one reason he got elected is that ordinary Americans are fed up of open borders. Uncontrolled illegal immigration is costing citizens money and putting them at risk of attack by foreign criminals. The nation expects Trump to do what he said he would, and protect our borders.

  • Unfortunately, Democrats have blocked or delayed Trump’s plans at every opportunity. They’ve tried to stop funding for the border wall that will keep illegal immigrants out and were willing to shut down the government and disrupt thousands of people’s lives over it.
  • Democrats are behind the so-called “sanctuary cities,” where local cops are banned from helping remove illegals. There have been several cases of American citizens being murdered by people who should have been removed from our country long ago. The Left doesn’t seem to care.
  • Now President Trump wants to let ICE crack down on illegals who have already made it into our cities — but Dems are trying to stop that, too.
  • A series of raids was supposed to start last week but had to be canceled at the last minute thanks to opposition from congressional Dems. This is just opposition for the sake of it. When Trump announced his immigration plan, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said hours later — before she’d had time to even read it properly — that it was “dead on arrival.”
  • The problem is, Democrats don’t have any goal beyond trying to stop the president doing his job. They say they want to protect migrants, then put them in danger from people traffickers by leaving the border undefended. They say they care about illegals in detention centers, but wouldn’t let the administration spend money on improving conditions there.
  • The Left wants to screw up President Trump’s immigration reforms — but they don’t have any better ideas. This is just political game-playing at the expense of American citizens and legal immigrants, and it needs to stop.

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