Dems Resort to Gerrymandering

Dems Resort to Gerrymandering

Accurate drawings of congressional districts is a necessity for a functioning democracy. Fair and proper representation of the population is how we obtain balance within our political institutions. However, Dems only want “fair” representation as long as it’s in their favor.

This is precisely what’s happening in North Carolina. Dems are calling the current district maps unfair and inaccurate while accusing Republicans of gerrymandering. To “remedy” this situation, Dems are calling for the redrawing of congressional district boundaries in such a way that almost certainly benefits them.

This clip below is the fake news spin of this situation, but they got at least one thing right: Dems can postpone 2020 elections in North Carolina by rejecting new district maps.

In practice, Democrats will systematically turn down new maps until they find one that best suits their political needs. Until then, North Carolinians may have to wait weeks or months before voting in 2020. In spite of the Left-wing arguments in favor of this activity purported by the MSM, this isn’t about fairness in American elections.

The Left complains about so-called “voter suppression tactics” that the Right supposedly uses while attempting to suppress Republican representation for next year’s crucial elections. Typical deflection Democrat deflection tactic.

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