Dems Refuse to Acknowledge Trump Victories

Dems Refuse to Acknowledge Trump Victories

Why can’t Leftists just acknowledge the amazing things President Trump has done for our country since he took office? It’s almost as if they’re jealous of his massive success and the economic prosperity he’s created for America. Maybe Dems just refuse to accept facts when they can’t legitimately take credit for great achievements.

President Trump was responsible for the takedown of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi recently. Instead of congratulatory behavior, the Dems redoubled their focus on impeachment proceedings. In their fervor to win 2020, Dems can’t stand to witness greatness when it’s right in front of them.

Unemployment is at a nearly all-time low, yet the Left is chronically unhappy about it. They’re saying that we’re headed for a recession when GDP is up and the stock markets are doing fantastic. What more could they want?

Trump was also responsible for the cease-fire between Turkish and Kurdish forces, yet Dems continue to call it a “foreign policy embarrassment.”

Even when Trump has to spell out his victories, some people don’t think he’s competent.

Dems will never be happy with anything, so let’s enjoy our newfound prosperity in spite of them!

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