Dems Push Vote Harvesting

Dems Push Vote Harvesting

( – As if there weren’t enough concerns about voter fraud and abuse of absentee ballots, a prominent lawyer with links to the Democratic Party and the Clinton family is now threatening to sue the state of Nevada if it continues to enforce electoral laws ahead of June’s primary.


Marc Elias, a former attorney for Hillary Clinton’s election campaign, wrote to Nevada’s secretary of state on Friday with a list of electoral demands. The biggest was that the state should immediately stop prosecutions for ballot harvesting

  • Ballot harvesting is a process in which absentee ballots are collected and/or returned by someone other than the registered ballot voter. It’s a controversial practice because it’s so open to abuse. For example, party activists can collect a large number of ballots, complete them themselves, and return them.
  • Under Nevada electoral law, ballot harvesting is illegal, and the state has taken a strong stance on trying to eliminate it. Nevada officials won’t hesitate to prosecute anyone found in possession of ballots they’re not legally entitled to have.
  • Now Elias is demanding that the state step back and ignore the law. He claims this is necessary because the primary is scheduled as an all-absentee voting event as a precaution against coronavirus.
  • According to Elias, “hundreds of thousands of Nevada voters could be disenfranchised” unless third parties are allowed to collect their ballots for them and return them after completion.
  • There are serious concerns about ballot harvesting and its impact on elections. Many Republicans suspect that California Democrats used it as a tactic to achieve an almost clean sweep of the state in the 2018 midterms. Orange County’s registrar of voters said he’d seen some people coming in with stacks of 100 or 200 completed ballots. The suspicion was that Democrat activists collected ballots for older and/or vulnerable voters and completed those ballots for them.
  • In addition, Elias isn’t just asking for open season on ballots, he’s also demanding that Nevada send absentee ballots to all registered voters in the state, not just active ones. This could generate hundreds of thousands of ballot papers that never reach the person they’re intended for, putting those ballots at risk of being intercepted by party activists. A 2017 investigation, triggered by California declaring 112% voter registration, found 1.5 million ineligible voters were still registered in the state.
  • The lawyer says that if Nevada doesn’t agree to his demands he’s going to take the state government to court. This has to be a real worry to anyone who wants to see democracy run through the ballot box, not the legal system.

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