Dems Push On With Latest Impeachment Farce

Dems Push On With Latest Impeachment Farce

Whatever you think of the Democrats’ determination to unseat President Trump by impeachment, instead of just winning an election or something like normal people, you have to give them credit for perseverance. The latest attempt to kick out our elected president is stumbling through the House right now, even though some of its loudest advocates have more or less admitted it’s just for show. In fact, it would be hilarious if it wasn’t such a huge waste of government time and money.


Most Americans hoped that with the Mueller report finally released, President Trump’s political opponents would finally give up trying to impeach him and focus on democratic ways to change the administration. Sadly, that hope was soon dashed against the rock of the Left’s stupidity, as the Democrats used their majority in the House to launch a new attempt through the powerful House Judiciary Committee.

  • Theoretically, the Judiciary Committee can initiate an impeachment — but only if the Senate agrees with the House.
  • A simple majority in the House is enough to pass a motion of impeachment, and the Dems can achieve that even without rebel Republicans.
  • Next, the motion has to go to the Senate. Instead of a simple vote, the Senate hearing takes the form of a trial with the House as prosecutors. The person facing impeachment is allowed to mount a defense and bring their own attorneys.
  • The final stage is for the Senate to deliberate the evidence in private and then take a vote to impeach or acquit. This is where the latest attempt is bound to fail because the Democrats don’t even have a simple majority in the Senate — and the Constitution says a two-thirds supermajority is required to impeach. That isn’t going to happen.
  • So this hearing is essentially pointless; it’s just political posturing. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), one of the loudest advocates of impeachment, has said that her aim is just to get Republicans “on the record” as voting in support of Trump.
  • Now the Dems’ impeachment hopes have swung behind Trump’s discussions with Ukraine’s president – and the transcript of that call has just been released. Of course, it shows that the “quid pro quo” Democrats claimed he’d offered for a corruption investigation against Joe Biden’s son didn’t happen.
  • So yet again the Democrats find themselves with no grounds for impeachment – and yet again, in the face of mounting discomfort from the moderate wing of their own party, they keep pushing for it. As the White House recently said, this is just wasting America’s time.

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