Dems Panic Over Omar Comments

Dems Panic Over Omar Comments
Dems Panic Over Omar Comments

It looks like some of the shine may be wearing off Democrat congressionalic golden girl, Ilhan Omar. Her constant stream of anti-Semitic comments has finally spooked her party’s hierarchy into saying something about it and it’s sent several senior Dems scrambling to distance themselves from this former poster model for diversity.


Freshman representative, Ilhan Omar (D-MN), has only been in Congress since last month, but she’s already generated plenty of controversy over her comments on Israel and support for groups with links to anti-Semitism.

  • Omar is a vocal supporter of the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement, which has extensive links to known anti-Semites.
  • She’s also caused outrage by spreading classic anti-Semitic tropes. In the worst and most recent example, Omar tweeted a suggestion that the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee was paying politicians to support Israel — a clear reference to conspiracy theories about Jewish finance controlling the world.
  • Omar has flirted with this sort of open hate speech before, but it seems she’s now gone far enough that even the Democratic Party is getting nervous. Following Sunday’s incident, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called on Omar to “reject anti-Semitism in all its forms.” Other senior Democrats backed Pelosi.
  • Condemnation of Omar flooded in from across government and the voluntary sector. Congressman Max Rose (D-NY) tweeted that her comments were “deeply hurtful to Jews.” A former US ambassador to Israel labeled Omar’s words as “outrageous.”
  • It’s likely some Dem critics of Omar are motivated by genuine horror at her comments, but others probably have political calculations in mind. Republicans have been quick to point out Omar as an example of the increasingly anti-Israel feeling in the Democratic Party.
  • American Jews have traditionally voted Democrat, but the left-wing hold on that demographic is slipping as anti-Semitism, usually disguised as a concern for Palestinians, becomes more embedded in the party.
  • Left-wing anti-Semitism is a growing trend in the west. Britain’s Labour Party, like the Democrats here, was once the natural choice of most Jewish voters. Now it’s led by Jeremy Corbyn, who has openly failed to take action against widespread anti-Semitism — and is widely believed to share the same views himself.
  • Ilhan Omar “unreservedly” apologized for her comments. However, she went on to add some reservations about the influence of lobbyists in American politics — and made sure to add the American Isreal Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) to the list of groups she’s worried about.