Dems: Only GOP Crowds Spread COVID

Dems: Only GOP Crowds Spread COVID

( – It seems like some Democrats are confused about how politically aware the Chinese coronavirus is. In the space of a week, they’ve gone from encouraging people to attend Black Lives Matter protests to condemning Republican campaign rallies as dangerously irresponsible. Maybe somebody should tell them that viruses don’t only turn up for right-wing events.


President Trump is planning to restart his campaign rallies as the Wuhan virus pandemic starts to run out of steam. The first event is scheduled for Tulsa, OK, on June 19. Democrats are unhappy – but also inconsistent.

  • Representative Val Demings (D-FL) complained Thursday that the plan for resuming Trump’s signature rallies is “irresponsible and selfish” with the disease still on the loose.
  • However just four days earlier Demings – an influential African-American who’s been talked about as a potential running mate for Joe Biden – tweeted that she’d attended a rally in support of George Floyd, whose death at the hands of Minneapolis police sparked the current unrest.
  • Antique Senate Socialist Bernie Sanders (D-VT) followed the same path to conversion as Demings. On June 6, he tweeted his congratulations to “all who are out on the streets today peacefully protesting.” By Thursday, though, Trump’s rally plans were “a threat to the health and well-being of the country.”
  • Democrats are now flip-flopping desperately on the subject of the coronavirus lockdown. Many leading leftist figures, including New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, have been strict about enforcing stay-at-home orders and calling for the shutdown to be extended. Some on the Right suspect the Dems see the inevitable economic damage as an electoral advantage come November.
  • However, by late May, any hopes of Joe Biden riding to the White House on a wave of anger about lost jobs and paychecks had to be balanced against the price of not supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Most Dems have cynically switched to supporting protests even though they’ve potentially exposed hundreds of thousands of people to the disease.

With Trump gearing up to get his campaign back on the road while Biden makes webcam videos in his basement, the Dems have been forced to change tack again. Now, mass meetings are back to being bad – but the BLM protests are still going on. The next week should show just how openly two-faced the Dems are prepared to be. Stay tuned!

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