Dems Hold Up Aid Package

Dems Hold Up Aid Package

( – The Senate met on Thursday to consider a $250 billion plan to keep small businesses afloat through the pandemic. Democrats came into the meeting requesting more funding, totaling about $500 billion. Now, the work is stalled, and American businesses are suffering as a result.

The Republican proposal was for $250 billion to re-fund the Paycheck Protection Program that was part of the third stimulus package. This fund has seen so many applications that it is quickly running out of money. The Democrats agree with this.

However, in addition to the small business loan funding, they also want another $250 billion in funds for hospitals, state and local governments, and more food assistance.

Republicans agree these programs will need more funding — eventually. Currently, they are not running out of money and funding for them could, and should, come from the fourth comprehensive stimulus package currently under consideration in the House.

The Senate adjourned without reaching a deal as each side rejected the other’s proposals. Each party attempted to pass their measure via unanimous consent before being blocked from the other side of the aisle. Ultimately, the interim bill is indefinitely delayed as Republicans and Democrats try to reach a compromise.

Naturally, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) went straight to Twitter to blame it all on the Republicans.

This is what the Democrats do best, though. They counter every reasonable proposal from the Republicans with even more programs to pay for and then blame them for not playing ball. That’s what happened with the Phase 3 stimulus bill, and now it seems they haven’t learned their lesson.

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