Dems Have NO IDEA What to Do About Bernie

Dems Have NO IDEA What to Do About Bernie

( – Established Democrats are struggling with how to deal with Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (D-VT) recent poll surges.

Democrat officials and some supporters, like Jon Cooper, chairman of the Democratic Coalition, are trying to prop up a more moderate Democrat like former Vice President Joe Biden.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) seems to be the DNC’s second pick. Biden supporters are keen to point out that he’s the best person to take on President Trump.

Additionally, Democratic Super PACS are relentlessly attacking Sanders, mirroring the 2016 DNC nomination that Hillary Clinton ultimately won. The mainstream media (MSM) and established Dems didn’t hold back against Sanders when it was between him and Hillary. But that strategy doesn’t seem to be bringing Democrats the results they want, either.

There’s no doubt that Sanders would bring about drastic changes to America that most of the Democratic party isn’t ready for. Their purported ultimate goal is to “remove Trump at any cost.” However, it’s clear that they only want to remove Trump if one of “their own” gets to take him down.

Democrats have always been about seizing power through any means necessary; this repeat of 2016 is just another example.

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