Dems Could Cause Govt. Shutdown This Month

Dems Could Cause Govt. Shutdown This Month

Democrats are learning the consequences of not playing by the rules the hard way. Their incessant focus on impeachment measures against President Trump has gotten in the way of their routine duties. Namely, Congress hasn’t figured out its funding situation — and the Nov. 21 deadline is fast approaching.

Congress has gotten away without facing the consequences of its actions for too long.

Congress has yet to come to a consensus about the 12 appropriations bills that would fund various sectors of the government. At best, it’s looking to maintain current spending until any agreement is reached about changing the current budget. Senate Democrats even opposed a defense spending bill that would have allocated $5 billion towards the border wall.

So, when it comes to keeping the federal government open, President Trump stated that “I wouldn’t commit to anything… It depends on what the negotiations are.”

Who could blame Trump for not being encouraged to work with a Congress who wants to see him impeached?

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