Dems/Candidates Butt Heads Over COVID

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( – With the coronavirus pandemic leading every media channel, it can be hard to remember that we’re also in a presidential election campaign. Joe Biden’s trying to stay focused on that, though. The former vice president seems to have a solid lead in the race for the Democrat nomination; but right now, it’s his race to lose — and some of his allies fear he’s risking exactly that.


The ongoing coronavirus crisis isn’t making life easier for the last Democrat presidential candidates. After a long (and at times boring) race, the initial field had finally been narrowed down to a final pair. Now, the virus and the lockdown in response to it, has brought campaigning almost completely to a halt.

  • Before the country ground to a stop, Biden was in the last stretch of the race and clearly in the lead. There seemed no realistic chance that Bernie Sanders could beat him.
  • With a couple more primaries pending and being all Biden needed to knock Sanders out of the contest for good, the rapid spread of shutdowns and shelter-in-place laws froze the race where it was in mid-March. Some primaries are still planned, but most of the remaining states have suspended or postponed theirs. Right now, there isn’t a lot Biden can do to keep the momentum going.
  • Biden is trying to keep some sort of campaign going from the basement of his home. However, many of his political allies aren’t sure this is working. Circumstances have cut Biden’s public profile back severely, at a time when it’s vital for him to be seen as the Dem’s leader.
  • Other senior Democrats, including governors and mayors, are getting more media attention because they’re involved in the pandemic fight. Strategists are asking if Biden’s approach is the right one, or if he should be doing more to keep his profile high.
  • There’s also growing anger at Bernie Sanders. Moderate Democrats feel it’s well past time he admitted defeat, instead of dragging the race out to the last possible moment.
  • Michigan Dem activist Joe DiSano complained, “ He’s not going to win. He’s wasting time. Every minute that Joe Biden spends focused on Bernie Sanders is one less he’s spending on Donald Trump.”
  • Representative Peter King (R-NY) summed up the attitude some Dems are trying to avoid. “I think people have forgotten who Biden is,” he said. “When he does make the occasional appearance, he screws it up. Biden is almost yesterday’s man already.”

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