Dems Block Stimulus Bill Again

Dems Block Stimulus Bill Again

( – Senate Democrats have voted down the latest relief package for American workers hit by the coronavirus pandemic. The bill, which would have allocated $300 billion in assistance payments, needed 60 votes to pass – but, thanks to highly partisan voting, didn’t clear that bar. Now, workers and their families face weeks or months of waiting for help to arrive as Congress starts all over.

New Finance Bill Shot Down By Dems

The Senate voted Thursday, September 10, on a “targeted” package of financial relief for COVID-affected workers. In a vote split almost perfectly down party lines, it was defeated by a solid margin.

  • Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has been trying to help struggling workers for over two months, but Democrats have consistently blocked his efforts.
  • The issue is that McConnell wants a relief bill that does what it says it claims – give money to workers affected by the pandemic – but instead, the Democrats see it as an opportunity to force through a massive list of politically motivated spending items.
  • Senate Republicans voted almost unanimously for McConnell’s $300 billion package, with Rand Paul (R-KY) the only one to oppose it. However, the Democrats managed a blocking minority that sent it down to a 52-47 defeat.
  • Instead, the Dems want a much larger spending program that’s already been approved by the House. Theirs is ten times as large, at over $3 trillion, and most of it wouldn’t go anywhere near ordinary working Americans.
  • Democrats are pushing for $1.13 trillion in extra spending on federal agencies, along with a trillion for state and local politicians and hundreds of billions in compensation for healthcare providers, plus student loan write-offs and other left-wing handouts.
  • In contrast, McConnell simply wants continued funding for extra unemployment benefits of $300 a week, paycheck protection for small businesses and some small items like school vouchers and forgiving a $10 billion loan to the USPS. Almost all the money would go directly to ordinary Americans.

President Trump says the Democrats are trying to deny him a win in the run-up to the election, and that’s hard to argue with. Talks between the House leadership and the White House have gone nowhere, and Senate Dems have now blocked two relief bills. Meanwhile, American workers have been denied assistance for months now – all because Nancy Pelosi and her crew hate the thought of the Republican Party getting the thanks for helping them.

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