Dems Blame Virus on Trump

Michigan Judge Declines to Sanction Trump (REPORT)
Michigan Judge Declines to Sanction Trump (REPORT)

( – When the going gets tough for Democrats, they rarely look to solve the problem. Instead, they seek out someone else to take the fall. Just like the entirety of his presidency, Dems are trying to pin everything bad about COVID-19 on President Donald Trump.

First, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo blamed the thousands of nursing home deaths on the Trump administration’s guidance. On May 23, he claimed a directive from March 13 that provided guidance was responsible for policies leading to these deaths. At the end of the day, Cuomo is the one who poorly implemented some of the well-structured suggestions, so he’s at fault — not Trump.

Then, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and other top Dems bashed the president on May 24.

Pelosi’s tweet was in regard to a testing plan recently submitted by the administration. In response, these Dems say Trump is attempting to “deny the truth” in their latest statement. The document also says that Trump’s team “still does not have a serious [testing] plan.”

Democrats must be very desperate if they are trying to lay all the guilt in the world on Trump’s shoulders.

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