Dems Become Worrywarts Over 2020

Dems Become Worry Warts Over 2020

Given the chaos on the field with so many DNC candidates, it’s natural that at least some Democrats are uneasy. In fact, many of them are much more than uneasy or antsy. Top Democrat party leaders are extremely nervous, according to new reports.

To understand their perspective a bit better, we’ll cover the major highlights of what’s turning Democrats into stressed-out worrywarts.

  • Many state and national party leaders are concerned about the legitimacy of the major candidates in comparison to Trump
  • Biden has been forced on the defensive over his family’s political and business ethics.
  • Bernie’s health issues and extremely left-leaning views make him unpalatable to many Dems.
  • Warren’s dishonesty about Native American ancestry tarnished her reputation. She’s also too left-leaning for most Democrats.
  • Rumors floating around that Hillary may jump into the race due to party dissatisfaction.
  • Other niche favorites like O’Rourke, Buttigieg and Harris haven’t caught any real traction for most moderate Dems.

Although it’s inevitable that Trump will win in 2020, his job is much easier with top Dems sweating bullets.

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