Democrats’ Worst Fears Come True in Texas

Democrats' Worst Fears Comes True in Texas

( – Over the last 20 years, Democrats have banked on Hispanics to help them become the permanent, dominant political party in the United States. With supermajorities, Conservatives would be helpless to stop the Left from enacting its vision of American society. There was just one problem… What if that wasn’t the vision of most Hispanic Americans?

In recent elections, the signs were on the wall. The Democrats have been losing their grip on the Hispanic vote. In late August 2021, the guy who wrote the book on Democratic Hispanic dominance, Ruy Teixeira, noted the party could no longer depend on changing demographic trends. So it appears. In Texas, the Democrats’ worst fears are coming to life, but could the Left’s nightmare spread?

Republican Hispanic Women Dominating the GOP Ticket in Texas

A growing and significant number of Hispanic women in Texas are likely to win their congressional races in November. In the GOP primaries, four won their Republican primaries in March, and two others face runoff elections in May. Three of them are likely to become the first Hispanic women and the first Republicans to hold congressional seats representing Texas border communities.

Party officials and the Hispanic female GOP candidates told the Daily Caller News Foundation the reason for the shift is simple: some Hispanics realize that Democrats don’t align with their values. Instead, they say they align with Republicans on the issues of religion, abortion, and family, which Democrats are fighting against. Some even say that the Democratic Party is starting to resemble the countries they left to come to America.

While many might be inclined to believe that Hispanic Americans support illegal immigration, that may not be entirely accurate. Starr County Republican Party chairwoman Claudia Alcazar told the Daily Caller that mothers no longer feel safe in border communities and believe Democrats are not doing enough to protect them.

The Hispanic Vote Is Fracturing Across America

Texas may not be alone in the phenomenon. Without a large majority of Hispanic voters, the Left could be in big trouble over the long term. On December 8, 2021, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) released a poll showing that for the first time, the Hispanic vote was nearly split down the middle for both political parties.

According to the WSJ, Hispanic voters account for nearly 1 in 8 eligible voters. It’s one of the fastest-growing demographics. Among the important issues in December for Hispanics, economics led the way nationwide. Men said by a 17-point margin the GOP had better economic policies. By 10 points, women said Democrats were better.

If the trend towards the GOP continues among Hispanic voters, it could influence blue states in the coming years. Will there be enough Hispanics who vote Republican to flip the blue states red?

Will Democrats become a minority party dependent on white, college-educated, left-wing urban voters?

Only time will tell.

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