Democrats Will Be at Fault If US Defaults on Debt, Poll Shows

Democrats Will Be at Fault If US Defaults on Debt, Poll Shows

( – Throughout his election campaign, candidate Joe Biden posed as a sensible, Moderate pair of hands who voters could trust with our economy. As soon as the election was over, though, that pretense vanished. Now that he’s president, he’s letting the Democratic Party’s addiction to spending tax money run wild – and the American people are starting to notice.

A Morning Consult/POLITICO poll found that if the US defaults on its national debt, twice as many people will blame the Democrats as would pin the fault on the GOP. The survey, which covers the period of September 18-21, found that 33% of registered voters said the Democrats would be responsible for a default, compared to just 16% who would blame the Republicans. Independents are more likely to blame both parties equally – 51% would do that – but those who do identify a culprit overwhelmingly pick the Democrats; 27% would point the finger at them, against just 10% who would hold the Republicans accountable.

A US default isn’t a paranoid fantasy anymore; on September 8, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned the US is heading for a default next month unless lawmakers raise the debt limit. The problem is, increasing the limit will just kick the can down the road.

The US is borrowing a lot, and we’re approaching the point where we won’t be able to pay it back. The Democrat response? A series of huge spending bills forcing the country to borrow trillions more. The country can’t afford that – and voters are starting to realize it.

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